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Business Planning

The practice of business law often seems to get caught up in the process of law drafting documents, negotiating agreements, compliance with the latest rulings and decisions. But I believe that practicing law is more than knowing how to follow legal procedure.

I understand that every matter I work on, every action I recommend and every contract I draft, impacts the lives of my clients and their businesses. I take a very pragmatic, solution-oriented approach to the law so I can help my clients find the best solutions to their legal issues. For me, the process of the law never becomes more important than the personal relationships I build with my clients.

The structure and start-up phase of a business often determines its direction, its opportunity for growth, and ultimately, its long-term success. I have extensive experience in the formation and structuring of new businesses. I am as adept at assuring that all legal requirements are met as I am at establishing all appropriate legal requirements that will directly impact an organization's ability to succeed.

I also work regularly with established businesses. My experience includes running a family business, as a result of the unexpected and untimely death of my father. That business recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. My expertise includes tax planning, corporate law, limited liability company and partnership law, business succession planning, mergers, purchase and sale of businesses, shareholder/partner disputes, contracts and agreements.


Virtually every business decision is influenced by the impact of taxes. I work closely with clients and their advisors to minimize the tax consequences of their business decisions.


Limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships have specific legal needs and requirements. I offer a variety of legal services designed especially for these clients.


Certain business activities may be more appropriately conducted in the form of a general partnership, a limited partnership, or a joint venture. I'm skilled at helping clients determine which form is most appropriate for their business venture, and assisting them in the formation and structure of their partnership.


Creating buy-sell agreements to protect the business and its owners in the event of the death or disability of one of the owners is critical to the survival of the business in such circumstances. Preserving, protecting and realizing the value of a business on the retirement or withdrawal of an owner is the other element of business succession planning that is critical to all involved. I have extensive practical knowledge and experience working with businesses and families in planning for the death, disability, retirement or withdrawal of an owner.


Sometimes a company's greatest opportunity for growth comes through merger with other businesses, purchase of other businesses, or the sale of all or a portion of the business. By providing competent, experienced legal services in the planning, negotiating and structuring of these complex transactions, I help clients maximize their benefits, while minimizing their risk.


The breakup of a business can be as traumatic and financially devastating as a marital divorce. I bring thoughtful counsel and experience to these difficult and complex business transactions.


As a business grows, complex contracts and agreements become an increasingly important part of its ongoing operations. I can provide the expertise necessary to negotiate, evaluate and prepare agreements with customers, vendors and partners.

Clients benefit from the insights and knowledge I've gained during more than 31 years of practice and teaching.

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